Lovol M1304

With the new M1304 model, the Lovol brand joins the market segment of medium-power tractors.
Technically advanced, universal, compact tractor with a power of 130 hp is a very interesting offer for Polish farms.

The tractor is equipped with a 4-cylinder engine that meets the stringent Euro V exhaust standard.

Comfortable design, based on a fully synchronized, electro-hydraulic powershuttle working in 3 ranges, with an electro-hydraulic reverser, 3 gears changed under load, provides 45 forward and 15 reverse gears.
The front and rear axles were manufactured by LOVOL, with electro-hydraulically engaged front-wheel drive and 4-wheel braking.
Strong and efficient hydraulic system with a capacity of 130 liters, with a rear three-point hitch controlled by EHR.
Cab with suspended operator’s seat, radio and air conditioning.

All this makes the tractor a very good solution for everyday work on the farm or municipal company.

The LOVOL M1304 tractor can be additionally equipped with a front three-point hitch, front PTO, 1- and 2-line pneumatic system, narrow tires for row spacing, grass tires or a front loader.