Lovol M404

LOVOL M404 perfectly fulfills its tasks as a solid tractor for many works on the farm. What are its main advantages?

compactness. It is applicable in many situations. Appropriate and small turning radius allow you to work freely in many places.

Solidity. Its construction, although simple, is characterized by high reliability, so it will withstand many conditions.

Ease of use. 100% mechanical construction makes operating the tractor child’s play. The box with a mechanical shuttle facilitates maneuvering and turning.

Cost reduction. The LOVOL M404 tractor is economical to use. 3-cylinder engines significantly reduce labor costs.

Additional options. The tractor can be equipped with a protective frame or a comfort cab that provides heating and ventilation. The options also include an extension with a front linkage, front PTO and front loader.

Technical specifications


40 hp at 2200 rpm


DOOSAN 3 cylinder EURO V, capacity 1794 cc with turbo and intercooler, equipped with DPF

Maximum torque

160 Nm at 1400 rpm

Air filter



4 x 4 mechanically activated


mechanical, synchronized with mechanical reverse 8 (forward gears) + 8 (reverse gears)