Lovol M504

LOVOL M504 is an improved version of the well-known FOTON 504 model. Why is it so unique?

New solutions. The gearbox has been upgraded, achieving full synchronization. The hydraulic system has been improved. A two-circuit pneumatic system for trailers was installed. Improvements significantly increase the comfort of work.

Modern design. The bonnet, cabin and headlights gained a new look thanks to the work of the Italian design studio LOVOL. The appearance of the cab has been changed to a completely new, panoramic, 4-post, with air conditioning. Excellent visibility was achieved by means of embossing on the sides of the hood and lens headlights at the front.

Solidity. The construction is strong and durable, and functional. Curved glass, sunroof and sunroof are useful in various conditions. The tractor is suitable for small and medium-sized farms, as well as for work in the orchard, garden and for the needs of municipal services.

Rich equipment. The tractor includes air conditioning, fender control panel, adjustable steering column, LED headlights, cup holder, USB radio and a brand new instrument panel.

Guarantee. The equipment is covered by a 24-month manufacturer’s warranty.

Sounds good? If you are considering this option, contact us and we will present you all the benefits.

Technical specifications


50 hp at 2500 rpm


DOOSAN 3 cylinder EURO V, capacity 1794 cc with turbo and intercooler, equipped with DPF

Maximum torque

200 Nm at 1400 rpm

Air filter



4 x 4 electro-hydraulically engaged, with engaged drive indicator


mechanical, synchronized with mechanical reverse gear 12 (forward gears) + 12 (reverse gears)


540/1 OOO electro-hydraulically engaged, with PTO engagement indicator

Hydraulic system

54 I/min, 2 sections, 18Mpa

Fuel tank



panoramic, 4-post, comfortable, with a flat floor, heated and air-conditioned, control panel on the fender, adjustable steering column, work lights front 2 pcs, rear / 2 pcs, front windshield wiper, roof window with a sunroof, rear tilt window, side doors locked with a key 2 pcs, exterior mirrors 2 pcs, radio with USB and speakers, flashing light (beacon), Grammer seat

Standard equipment

front weights, central screw, set of hitches: upper transport with height adjustment, lower – strip, torsion front mudguards, speedometer, electric-hydraulic front drive, 4-wheel brake


weights on the rear wheels, one- and two-line pneumatic system, CBM hook slings for the rear three-point hitch, field beam, front three-point linkage, front PTO, front loader, height-adjustable rear hitch (ladder), forestry equipment, tires for between rows, garden or industrial