Lovol M754

Tractors with a power of 65 HP and 75 HP are equipped with renowned 4-cylinder DOOSAN engines that meet the stringent Euro V exhaust gas standard.

Simple design, based on a synchronized, mechanical 12-speed gearbox with a mechanical reverser. Front and rear axle manufactured by LOVOL, with electro-hydraulically engaged front-wheel drive and 4-wheel braking system. A powerful and efficient hydraulic system with a capacity of 60 liters and a PTO shaft with two speeds of 540/1000 rpm make the tractor a very reliable partner for your daily work.

Perfect for small and medium-sized farms, gardens or municipal companies.

The LOVOL M654 or LOVOL M754 tractor can be additionally equipped with a front three-point hitch, front PTO, 1- and 2-line pneumatic system, tires for row spacing, grass tires or a front loader.

Technical specifications


75 HP at 2600 rpm


DOOSAN 4 cylinder EURO V, capacity 2392 cc with turbo and intercooler, equipped with DPF

Maximum torque

300 Nm at 1400 rpm

Air filter



4 x 4 electro-hydraulically engaged, with engaged drive indicator


mechanical, synchronized with mechanical reverse gear 12 (forward gears) + 12 (reverse gears)


540/1 OOO electro-hydraulically engaged, with PTO engagement indicator

Hydraulic system

64 I/min, 2 sections, 18Mpa

Fuel tank



panoramic, 4-post, comfortable, with a flat floor, heated and air-conditioned, control panel on the fender, adjustable steering column, headlights front 2 pcs, rear 2 pcs, front wiper, roof window with sunroof, rear hinged window, lockable door
with a key, 2 exterior mirrors, radio with USB and speakers, flash lamp, Grammer seat

Standard equipment

front weights, central screw, set of hitches: upper transport with height adjustment, lower – strip, torsion front mudguards, speedometer, electric-hydraulic front drive, 4-wheel brake


weights on the rear wheels, one- and two-line pneumatic system, CBM hook slings for the rear three-point hitch, field beam, front three-point linkage, front PTO, front loader, height-adjustable rear hitch (ladder), forestry equipment, tires for between rows, garden or industrial